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2017 SATs Information

Key Stage 2 SATs Information 2017

Video by Michael Tidd.

When are SATs?


Monday 8th May 2017

1. English Reading Paper (1 hour; 50 marks)

Tuesday 9th May 2017

2. Grammar and Punctuation Paper 1 (45 mins, 50 marks)

3. Spelling Paper 2 (approx. 15 mins, 20 marks)

Wednesday 10th May 2017

4. Arithmetic Paper 1 (30 minutes, 40 marks)

5. Reasoning Paper 2 (40 minutes, 35 marks)

Thursday 11th May 2017
6. Reasoning Paper 3 (40 minutes. 35 marks)

What will the results look like? What are scaled scores?


As of 2016, the results of the test will no longer be given in levels.


Instead, your child's raw score (number of marks achieved) in the test will be converted into a scaled score of between 80 and 120.


A scaled score of 100 will mean that your child has achieved the expected standard of the test.

A scaled score of below 100 will mean that your child has not met the expected standard of the test.


In the 2016 tests last year, a score of

42% in Reading 

61% in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

and 55% overall in mathematics

would have earned a scaled score of 100.


As you can see, this is dependent on the difficulty of the test and the number of pupils achieving certain marks.


We do not know what the ‘expected’ mark in the 2017 tests will be, but they will be in line with the new ‘more rigorous’ curriculum in terms of difficulty.


In July, you will receive your child's report, your child's teacher assessment data as normal, and your child's SATs results.

What will the tests be like?


Please have a look at the sample papers below to gain an understanding of what the tests will look like. Your children may also want to use these for revision purposes.


2016 Papers (sat by the current Year Sevens) are also available online.


What can I do to support my child?


First and foremost, support and reassure your child that there is nothing to worry about and they should always just try their best.


More information can be found on last year’s page:
Children --> Class Pages --> 2015-2016 Year 6 --> SATs Information for Parents

This includes a PowerPoint describing the new tests and how to support your child.


As always, please let me know if you have any queries.


Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Thomas

Other Revision Materials

Kahoot Quizzes


Main computer: Copy the link into your browser, select 'Player vs. Player'

Other devices (mobile phone/ipad/tablet etc): Go to, type in the game code from your main computer and join the quiz.


Spelling (Miss T)


Spelling Patterns 1

Spelling Patterns 2

Spelling Patterns 3


Maths (Miss T)


Arithmetic 2


Created by Other Teachers


Problem-Solving and Reasoning

Maths Reasoning Quiz

'Ultimate SATs Revision Quiz'

'Manta Ray Maths for SATs'

'Maths Magic'

'Maths Quiz Milo ++'


'Active and Passive'