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Academic Study

 Through our academic study strand, our intention is to develop intellectual knowledge, skills, understanding and curiosity. Specifically, we aim to provide opportunities to:

  • develop language and communication skills

  • acquire fluency in mathematical concepts

  • think critically, reason, evaluate and problem solve

  • gain scientific knowledge to understand the uses and implications of science and technologies today and for the future

  • be creative and perform for an audience 

  • cultivate digital literacy

  • be curious about the human and physical world around us

  • understand the significance of the past

  • cultivate character, ambition and healthy competition​​​​​​


Learning is organised in each year group and taught through 'topics' which incorporate learning from National Curriculum subjects such as: English, Mathematics, Science, Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music and PE. The topics are considered carefully to engage and enthuse children as well as seamlessly linking together learning across the subject areas; details of these can be found on our 'Curriculum Plans' page and within individual class pages. Academic learning is assessed against school and national assessment frameworks: children's progress against these will be shared with parents during parent interview evenings. The school's performance against National Frameworks for English and Mathematics can be found on our 'Performance Data' page.