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During Art Week, Year 5 looked at the sculptures of Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti. We began by using charcoal and different grades of pencil to sketch figures in different positions. We did this very quickly, trying to focus on the shapes and form of the figure, rather than fine details.

We also looked at the WWII air raid shelter drawings by Henry Moore and tried to copy some of these.

We used clay to create a figure sculpture 'in the style of ' Henry Moore. These were very solid looking. In contrast, our wire sculptures were very tall and spindly. We used the style of Giacometti as inspiration for these. Bending, joining and shaping the wire was very tricky but we persevered and we did it! The wire was then positioned and covered in strips of aluminium foil. We smoothed a wooden block with sand paper, then painted this black to use as a base for our wire sculptures.

Painted robin Christmas cards.

Year 5 have been working on a 'Harvest Collage' this week. We began by choosing an animal outline from the set of images; badger, squirrel, owl, hedgehog or fox.

First, we painted a blue wash over the background to represent the sky. When the paint was dry, we began colouring the leafy border, using pencil crayon, in shades of Autumn. Finally, we added texture to the pictures using a variety of materials such as seeds, lentils, rice, pasta, grass, paper and wool. We will include some of the finished pictures in our Harvest Festival.

As part of our Geography Topic about our locality, we have been looking at local areas of interest and tourist attractions. We are also reading myths and legends in English. Our class novel is 'Outlaw' by Michael Morpurgo, which is an interpretation of the legend of Robin Hood.

We have been using our drawing and colour mixing skills, in pastels,  to create images of the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest.