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Brierley Park

Thursday 17th May 2018

Year 2 set off to visit Brierley Forest Park at 9 o'clock on a beautiful sunny morning. We were meeting the rangers Gill and Lynn at 10 am so we had time to look at many interesting things on our way to the Visitor's Centre. We saw flowers like bluebells and forget- me- nots; trees like the oak, maple and hawthorn and water birds including mallards, Canada geese, coots and the great crested grebe.

When we met Gill and Lynn we did lots of activities to find out more about trees. We identified different varieties, drew the shape of different trees, did rubbings of the bark and measured the girth of young trees in the Greenwood Grove.

After lunch, we searched for different mini beasts in the long grass, the trees and the pond. We could choose a magnifying glass or a pooter to look closely at bugs. We had to collect them very carefully and release them gently when we had tried to identify them.

On the way back to school we saw lots of carp swimming close to the surface of the pond. We had to be really quiet because people were fishing and we didn't want to spoil their enjoyment.

We had a lovely day!