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Christian Distinctiveness

Through our Christian Distinctiveness Strand, it is our intent to develop children’s spirituality and faith. Specifically, we aim to provide opportunities for children to:

  • be inspired by moments of awe and wonder
  • think critically about their beliefs and actions
  • answer existential, or ‘big’ questions
  • consider Christian perspectives on life
  • respond to God through worship
  • seek solace and support from their faith
  • respond creatively to their life experiences
  • foster deep respect for others’ beliefs


We do this through: Godly play in FS/KS1; church visits; visits from our local priest; prayer fish; classroom prayer spaces; Christian symbols and (i.e. school candle, alter, vision and values displays); worship including prayer, reflection, music and bible stories; community involvement in worship; delivering the ‘Understanding Christianity’ programme and facilitating a pupil led worship group.


Children’s outcomes in this areas are measured by children’s understanding of what it means to be a Christian and their values, and who can explore and articulate spiritual and ethical issues across the curriculum. We use a specific framework for this and children’s progress against this is measured termly. More information about the teaching of RE can be found on our 'RE and Collective Worship' Page.