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Collective Worship at St Mary's

Collective Worship is at the centre of our life, values and ethos at St Mary's.


Worship Group


Our worship group meets on a monthly basis. They are involved in planning Collective Worship, delivering Christian values assemblies and orchestrating Christian value awards, as well as discussing how faith is promoted throughout school.



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Our Christian Value: Thankfulness



To introduce this half term's Christian value, Year Six led whole school collective worship on Friday 4th November.

Thursday 12th January 2017

Prayer Fish Assembly led by Worship Group.

Prayer Fish Assembly
Monday 5th December: Worship led by Joe

Shrove Tuesday Collective Worship

Shrove Tuesday Collective Worship 1 Well done Brandon!!

The Church of St Mary Magdalene


St Mary's is a vibrant and very welcoming place and we are delighted to benefit from such strong links with the parish.


Please follow the link to their website below.

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