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Grammar and Punctuation

Above is the assessment ladder for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Year Six. Your child should be familiar with all the skills on this checklist before the end of this year.


The school has registered for the website, which has SATs-style questions for children to log in and practise at home.


Please note that uses "possessive pronoun" in place of "possessive determiner" e.g. my, your, our, their, its, his, her

What are....

Word Classes?


Word classes are types of words.


Noun "A noun is a thing, noun noun noun" (push down both hands)

common nouns 

real things even if you can't touch them (sky, table, cup, universe)
    abstract nouns concepts/ideas (imagination, love, peace)
  (put our "proper" hat on) proper nouns

Capital Letter nouns: names places and dates (January, Miss Thomas, Sutton-in-Ashfield)

Verb "What's happening, verb?" Arms out questioning main verb

doing or a being word - what's happening?

"I am in the classroom" (I'm existing)

"I dance in the classroom" 

    auxiliary verb "helping verb" can be a modal verb (can could will would must may might shall should) or to do with tense "I have played" "I was playing"
    active voice

Miss Thomas drank coffee. (Subject Verb Object)

    passive voice The coffee was drunk by Miss Thomas. (Two parts and passes the "zombie check")
Adjective "Adjectives describe a noun" (jazz hands then into noun action)   The gargantuan, imposing statue which Miss Thomas found terrifying.
Adverbs "ad-verbs add to the verb" (dancing to the beat) when or how

Can end in ly but not always

"I dance manically"

"I dance well"

"I will dance later"

Prepositions "prepositions position" (pointing upwards)  

Your preposition's in

Your preposition's out

After before on under

behind inside and out

Tell us when and where things are

Position things

And that's what it's all about

Pronoun "a pronoun replaces a noun" (same as noun action but "squishing" out the noun)

Subject and object


Miss Thomas drank coffee.

She (subject pronoun) drank it (object pronoun).

    relative relative pronoun (who or which) begin relative clause
Determiner "determines a noun" fist clenched and move to noun action. articles

a cup

an apple

the cup


this cup

that cup

those cups

these cups