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Y6 Homework: Summer term.

For the last few weeks of term, the way that I set homework will change, in order to help prepare children for secondary school. They will be given a homework diary in which they will record various homework tasks for different subjects, set on different days and due back at different times. The diaries need signing each week by a parent, please. This is part of the Ready for Secondary (R4S) programme that we will be using, ready for September!

Any questions, please ask.

Home learning tasks are normally set on a weekly basis for all Year 6 pupils.  There will be a weekly 'menu' of homework shown here.  All children are expected to complete the activities from the main course; these will usually involve learning spellings, a maths activity and a GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) task, which all practice key skills and consolidate work completed in class.  This homework will be set on Friday and is due to be handed in the following Friday.


There will also be additional choices for those pupils who have a healthy appetite!  Starters and desserts offer extra opportunities to engage with a variety of creative activities, linked to our project in class.  There is no set deadline for handing in this extra work.  It is intended to be ongoing throughout the whole term, as some of these tasks may take a little longer to complete.  I hope that you and your child enjoy working together on some of these projects!

Homework sheets

WWII project homework

WWII project homework 1