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Summer Term One
Spring Term Two
Week 7: Friday 24th February
Week 8: Friday 3rd March
Week 9: Friday 10th March
10-minute reading and 10-minute GPS sheets.
Week 10: Friday 17th March
Maths Homework Books
Purple Books: pp. 24-25 Ratio and Proportion 
Orange Books: pp. 20-21 Fractions
Pink Books: pp. 22-23 Fractions
Week 11: Friday 24th March
Week 12: Friday 31st March

Please note letter at front of booklets below is from 2015-16 and thus information has been updated. Answers remain the same.


We would hope that children have a go at the first three days of each pack. There is no requirement to complete the booklet, but children may find it beneficial to do so. Children may decide to do five per day or all in one go.

Spring Term One
Week One: Friday 6th January
Week Two: Friday 13th January

Topic Homework:

Find out some information about either the Treaty of Versailles or the Great Depression.
Why are they significant when considering the Second World War?


You can use whichever sources you like (books, websites etc.) as long as you have written the information in your own words.

You can present the information however you choose. 
It will be collected next Friday 20th January 2017.

Week Three: Friday 20th January
Week Four: Friday 27th January
Week Five: Friday 3rd February
Week Six: Friday 10th February

PE Homework, set by Miss Jepson

Write a dance evaluation. Write about these things:

1. Who did you work with?

2. Did you work well as a team? 

3. What did you do well?

4. What could you do to improve?

Due Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Autumn Term Two
Week One: Friday 4th November
Week Two: Friday 11th November
Week Three: Friday 18th November


Pink Book: Page 2 'Counting and Numbers'; page 3 'Place Value and Ordering'

Orange Book: Page 2 'Counting and Numbers'; page 26 'Measuring Problems' 

Purple Book: Page 2 'Counting and Numbers'; page 29 'Measuring Problems'

Week Four: Friday 25th November

Week Five: Friday 2nd December
Week Six: Friday 9th December
Please visit and log in with the details provided in your letter. Homework has been set regarding multiplication and division.
Week Seven: Friday 16th December
Autumn Term One

Half Term Homework

Please note there is Spelling, Maths, and English homework, and a Reading Challenge.

Homework is due as usual on Friday of the first week back (Friday 4th November 2016).


Should children not have internet or library access during the break, they will be able to use the school computers the first week back to complete the English homework.



Pink Book: Page 1 'Counting and Numbers'

Orange Book: Page 4-5 'Place Value and Ordering'

Purple Book: Pages 3-4 'Place Value and Ordering'


Optional English

Find a short traditional story from another culture/country to bring into school. Folk tales are a good place to start if you are stuck.