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Max Helps Out!

Mrs Hovell and Mrs Gardner had a big problem.  The problem was craft club.  Craft club is open to all Year 2 children every Tuesday dinnertime.  The problem was that nearly all of Year 2 wanted to go.  This meant that there wouldn't be enough time for everyone to join in.  It also difficult when everyone wanted help at the same time.  What could Mrs Hovell and Mrs Gardner do?


Never fear, Max is here!


Max decided that it would be better if only ten children went at a time.  He used the register to organise the children.  The first 10 children went during the first week, then the next ten will go the following week, and so on.  Max has even got a check list so he knows which children have already been, which children do not wish to go and which children will be going next.


Thank you, Max!

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Picture 2