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We follow 'Letters and Sounds'phonics programme

The progression is as follows.

Phase 2

Set 1        a s t p

Set 2       l n m d

Set 3       g o c k

Set 4       ck e u r

Set 5       h b  f, ff  l, ll ss


Phase 3 (and Phase 4)

Set 6        j  v  w  x

Set 7       y   z, zz  qu


ch    sh    th    ng    ai    ee    igh    oa    oo    ar    or    ur    ow    oi    ear    air    ure    er


Phase 4 includes all of the following phonemes or sounds but includes polysyllabic words (for example helper, shampoo, softest)


Phase 5

ay (day)    ea (heat)    ie (tie)    oy (boy)    oe (toe)    ir (girl)    ue (blue)    aw (saw)    ew (new)    wh (when)    ph (photo)    a-e (make)    e-e (these)    i-e (like)    o-e (home)    u-e (rule)