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Premiership Spellers

Who will be at the top of the league.  Who will be like Chelsea?

If you get all of your spelling correct then, like Chelsea, you are at the top of the league.

If you get 1 mistake then you are second (currently like Tottenham)

2 mistakes = 3rd like Manchester City.

If you make progress, that means you beat last week's score, you are Arsenal.

10th March

Chelsea- Abi, Ava, Ayrton, Dylan, Holly, Myah, Isla, Izzy, Harriet

Tottenham- Ellie A, Harrison, Ellie W, Jessica

Manchester City- Sky, Lucia

Liverpool- Micah, Liam, Max P, Jack P, Emily, Elsa


3rd March

Chelsea- Abi, Myah,


Manchester City-Ellie W

Arsenal-Ethan, Freddie H, Harrison, Max E, Tristan, Ayrton 


24th February

Chelsea- Abi, Ava, Dylan, Ellie W, Isla, Izzy,  Myah


Manchester City-Jessica, Liam, Lucia

Arsenal-Ellie A, Elsa, Ethan, Freddie H, Harriet, Jack P, Max P