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RE and Collective Worship

Through our RE Curriculum, we intend to develop children's faith and spirituality. As part of this, we aim to provide opportunities to:

  • be inspired by moments of awe and wonder

  • think critically about their beliefs and actions

  • answer existential, or ‘big’ questions

  • consider Christian perspectives on life

  • respond to God through worship

  • seek solace and support from their faith

  • respond creatively to their life experiences

  • foster deep respect for others’ beliefs


We follow 'Understanding Christianity' as the framework to teach RE. More information on this can be found via the link below. Collective Worship happens daily at St Mary's and is a time when the whole school comes together to celebrate our spirituality. It is always Christian in nature, but may reference other faiths as we believe children need to develop understanding about different faiths and beliefs. We follow a scheme called 'Roots and Fruits' which focuses on a range of Christian concepts and values. More information about this can be found below.