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Throughout the year, we will be working on different activities linked to plants. This term, we will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.

Thursday 14th September

Yesterday, we walked around the school grounds to find different plants and trees. We saw the seeds on clematis, thistles and sycamore. We will be planting a variety of different seeds to observe their growth.


Today, we looked closely at a variety  of different seeds and decided in our group how to sort these.

Monday 25th September

Today we planted some broad bean seeds in a clear container so that we can see what happens beneath the surface of the compost. We put a layer of grit in the bottom of the container which also had several holes in. This was to provide drainage so that when we water the beans they won't become too wet.


Also we are going to try to grow plants from avocado seeds. We have pushed tooth picks into them so they can rest in water for a few days. We are hoping to see some changes to the seeds.