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Welcome to Year Six Science!

Our current topic is Animals Including Humans.

​Science in Year Six
Please find below the Science Assessment Ladder for Key Stage Two. This is the material Year Six pupils should be confident with at the end of primary school.​
Thursday 23rd March 2017: Science Open Afternoon

The results: did the egg remain intact?

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Making Blood

Living Things

(Autumn Term Topic)

​Friday 16th September: The Seven Life Processes

We have been categorising different examples into 'living' and 'non-living' categories using our knowledge of what all living things do (and with a little help from our friend Mrs Nerg):

M - Movement

R - Respiration

S - Sensitivity


N - Nutrition

E - Excretion

R - Reproduction

G - Growth


Sorting Living Things Using Keys

Wednesday 5th October: Mould Experiment


Today we sorted different living things into their kingdoms: animals, plants, prokaryotes, protoctists and fungi.


After focusing on fungi, we have planned and set up an experiment to answer our key question: Does hand-washing affect the amount of mould that will grow on bread?



We have pinned bread up in our classroom marked 'control' (no hands), 'dirty' (handled before hand-washing) and 'clean' (handled after hand-washing). We will be monitoring them closely to see if any mould grows and, if so, how quickly!

Friday 14th October 2016: Mould Update


Can you spot our first spec of mould? Does it match up with your prediction?


Monday 17th October 2016: Mould Update

Thursday 21st October: Mould Update