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The Christmas Fayre

The Christmas Fayre 



For the school’s annual Christmas Fayre we decided that we would run a stall, after plenty of time and discussion we decided that we would make Christmas Smoothies and Melting Snowmen Biscuits.

First, we discussed what flavours would be the best, we decided on strawberry and banana which would be called Rudolph’s nose and peach and pear which we called St Mary's Star.

                We then looked at the price and quantity of ingredients, how many people to cater for, how long it would take to prepare and what price we would charge.




The planning stage

 After all that hard work, then came the fun bit! – Making and testing out or smoothies and biscuits.

With the help of Mr Castle we were able to get most of the ingredients for our smoothies. – Thank you Mr Castle! J

We split into two groups and started preparing our treats.



KS2 were picked to make the smoothies.

We started by washing,peeling and preparing the fruit. We measured out the amount of fruit and ice-cream that we thought we would need to make the smoothies really tasty. We put all the ingredients into a blender and mixed it up until smooth. We then each had a taste including FS and KS1 school council children. We even gave some of the teachers and year 6 children a try.

Here we are making our smoothies .. 





Melting Snowmen Biscuits 

FS and KS1 were picked to make the biscuits.

We started by washing our hands and preparing our work space. Everyone started with a plate, a plastic knife, a biscuit, some icing, chocolate drops, a marshmallow and an icing pen. Miss Brocklehurst demonstrated how to decorate our biscuits and then we had a go ourselves. We really enjoyed it!


Here are some of our pictures …