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Theme Days

Thursday 14th March 2017: World War Two Workshop Day


A big thank you to Partake who delivered an amazing day for us!

E-Safety Day: Tuesday 7th February 2017


E-Safety Assembly

Today we were learning all about e-safety and what to do to stay safe online. We had a special assembly and then activities through the day.

We have also made posters to remind us to be SMART:

S - safe (do not reveal any personal information)

M - meet (never meet anyone you have spoken to online)

A - accept (don't accept requests from strangers or files/links that may give viruses)

R - reliable (remember pictures and information is not always trustworthy)

T - tell an adult

Drama: 'This is Your Internet'

We had a look at a play script that talked about the positive and negative uses of online media and how we can use them safely.

Christmas Party

Monday 7th October: Multi-Faith Day


Year Six have had a great day today learning all about Buddhism. 

Still Images: Learning about the life of Siddhartha Gautama


Picture 1
Making Mandalas
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3