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​Wednesday 10th February 2016: Space Day
This Wednesday all our lessons were related to the theme of Space.


First, we 'blasted off' the day with some sequence work and problem solving in Maths. Later, we had a class debate based on our key question: ​Should the government spend money on space exploration? ​Our two politicians listened to the points of view (backed up with some convincing evidence) of four groups: astronauts and scientists, school children, international aid workers​ and climate change campaigners.
Finally, in the afternoon we created a dance to the piece ​Mars by Gustav Holtz. We incorporated canon and synchronicity in our performances, as we have been practising in PE, and used UV paint and a UV light to enhance our performance.​

World Book Day 2016

World Book Day 2016 1
World Book Day 2016 2