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Using Bear Words

This half term (June and July)

Bear Words are still being checked this half term for those children who need them.  Children will be given individual Bears with the spelling words on them.   


Last Term's Information:

Personalised Spellings

Every child has their own list of 'high frequency' words.  These words are words that are used regularly but do not always follow a spelling rule. These words are divided into Bear Words.


If the word has been highlighted in green, then your child can spell this word correctly.

Red means the word has been spelt incorrectly.


If your child spells 3 or more words wrong in a particular Bear set,  then the whole of this Bear set is coloured orange.

The first set of words that are highlighted orange will be the first set your child will be tested on.

We do not expect your child to practise every Bear Word set that is highlighted orange.


Please ask if you are unsure.