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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


In Year 5 we will try our best with all our work and we will learn in lots of fun ways. We are all confident and will strive to do our best throughout the year.


In our class we are all treated as equals and all our opinions are valued. If something is worrying us we know we can speak to our teachers or parents. However, we can put our worries in the 'Bothered Bag' where they belong! We also in our classroom have a Prayer Area where if we get stressed or annoyed we can go and spend some time for reflection.


Our first job of the day will be 'Morning Work' where we get to choose a fun activity to wake up our brains. The activities might be Lego building or manipulating play dough.


If we all work hard throughout the day we have the chance to earn a pebble for each session. If we earn all four pebbles we will get a reward e.g. iPads, J.S's or a story.


We have already made a great start to the year and are looking forward to it getting even better. As always 'Journeying together through faith to be the best that we can be.'




Class Charter


We want a class where everyone is treated as equals just as God intended. We want to work and have fun together. We want to be safe.

Promises of Responsibility

We promise to…

  • Be kind and helpful to others
  • Listen at all times
  • Always think before speaking
  • Do our best and work sensibly
  • Always use our manners and be polite
  • Respect the school and others’ property
  • Be honest
  • Never give up (persevere)
  • Try and challenge ourselves
  • Show respect to everyone
  • Act safely in school
  • Keep our environment tidy
  • Love God and others