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Hi everyone,


On Thursdays we don't teach maths or English as lessons so I will post the other bits we are doing.

We start our day with arithmetic paper. Please allow 30 mins only to do this and then mark it yourself.

Science -

We are looking at evolution in science. Please watch this video about evolution.


Then we are going to play the evolution game. All the instructions are in the PDF document. When you have played the game there are some discussion questions. I would like you to answer these dependant on what you learn. You do need a dice to play but here is a link to an online dice if you do not have one.

NSPCC - Speak out. Stay safe.


We are also doing some follow up work from the 'NSPCC - Speak out. Stay safe.' assembly. What can you remember from this assembly? What are the main messages?

It’s really important that you know that you can tell a trusted adult if you feel anxious, worried, hurt, unsafe, sad or frightened. It is never a your fault. And if the situation doesn’t change, it is very important to keep speaking out and telling a trusted adult until it changes.


Activity 1:

You're going to create your own Speak out. Stay safe. kit. You can use it to make a list of all the trusted adults who make you feel happy and safe, so you know who you can speak out to.
1. Write your name in the middle, in the ‘Magnificent me’ box.
2. Focus on the ‘Places, People, Things’ activity first. 

Think about the different trusted adults in your life. Who can you talk to if you have a problem?
Think about the places to go. Where do you feel safest?
Also think about the things that make you feel happy and safe.

Write down or draw your answers in the boxes provided and you can be creative – colouring pictures in or decorating with craft materials.


Activity 2:

Now it’s time to complete the Speak out. Stay safe. kit.
Cut out and carefully fold along the dotted lines to make the finger flexor.

Once done,  practice asking and answering the questions with someone you trust. 

P4C -

It is really hard to do P4C at home as you can't really discuss it with many people. However, I thought I would post the stimulus so if you wanted a go at thinking about some concepts and some questions you can.


We are continuing to look at friendship.

Please listen to the song and have a look at the lyrics. 

I would like you to consider 


  • What assumptions about friendship can you see in the song lyrics?

  • What assumptions have you seen people make about friends?

  • Why do you think they assume these things?

  • What assumptions do you agree and disagree with?

After you have thought about these things, I would like you to think about what concepts are in this stimulus and what questions you would have liked to discuss.