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Here are the resources for today.


Input: Join Zoom Meeting 9am

Meeting ID: 972 3256 4225

Passcode: 8PUL2M

White Rose video (incase you need more help or can't make zoom):

Please complete worksheet and self mark it.


Here are the resources today.

Input: Join Zoom Meeting 10:30am

Meeting ID: 986 8957 2514

Passcode: ZUHZ4n

Here is a link to help you further after the zoom:


On zoom, we will be looking at some WAGOLLs on zoom. After zoom, children need write a draft of their introduction and first paragraph. Below, you will find the WAGOLLs but please go back on the past few days and also use the previous resources too as these will also be beneficial. 


Here are the resources for reading. 

Input: Join Zoom Meeting 1:10pm (changed time to help the children at school)

Meeting ID: 960 7638 5377

Passcode: Mqs0YC


After zoom, children are to complete the worksheet and do this while recording there time to see how long it takes them to scan the text. 


Today I would like you to design menu for our Greek Restaurant. I have sent some good examples and I have also sent the things we are making to put on the menu.I would like you to think about ingredients and how a menu is set out.