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Here are the resources for today.


Input: Join Zoom Meeting 9am

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White Rose video (incase you need more help or can't make zoom):

Please complete worksheet and self mark it.


Here are the resources today.

Input: Join Zoom Meeting 10:30am

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Here is a link to help you further after the zoom:


On zoom we will be looking at a checklist of things we should have included in our introduction and first paragraph that we wrote yesterday. After checking their own work against the checklist, children will be editing and improving these paragraphs, if things on the checklist are missing. We will then reread the model of paragraph two and pick out the best bits from it. Independently after zoom, they will be writing their draft of paragraph two. 


Here are the resources for reading. 

Input: Join Zoom Meeting 1:10pm (changed time to help the children at school)

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Here is the video we are going to watch in guided reading today, if you would like to watch it before.

We are going to try and summarise the story in 2 sentences looking together at ways to reduce our summary. 


After this, the children are to have a go at writing their own summary of the text below. 


Week 5 


Consider incarnation- why is it an important part of Christian belief?  




Christmas- incarnation 

Recap the core learning re Jesus and the story of his birth and the fulfilling of prophesies.  


Bearing in mind this plus what we have thought about who Christians believe Jesus to be, design a Christmas card for Christians to give to their friends who are not Christians with something of what Christmas is about. What is important to communicate?