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The Tunnel

In English, we have been reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Jack goes through a mysterious tunnel and does not return. 


Soon after, Rose follows him through- what do you think she could see, smell, hear, taste and touch during her journey through the tunnel?


We know the tunnel leads to a scary forest where Rose finds Jack has been turned into a statue.


Here are some images of our Novel Study Immersive Environments which we have been using during our lessons to help us to imagine we are each character. 

We have been exploring our immersive environment to help us to gather vocabulary to use in our setting description about the cliff. 

W/C 13.09.21


14.09.21- In today’s English lesson, we tested our memory of the Iron Man. We had 2 minutes to look at pictures of the Iron Man before we had to draw them from memory.


We remember key things about the setting, including the tall cliff and the grey skies. This then helped us to plan our setting description. 

W/C 06.09.21- This week, we have started our new class novel 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.


We started by investigating our 'crime scene' where our Iron Man in our Immersive environment had collapsed. We made predictions on what we thought could have happened before reading the book to find the answers.

W/C 06.09.21


We have been creating instructions on how to catch our Iron Man. We started by designing a trap in teams before we worked together to create our own trap. 


We disguised it with leaves and twigs. Next, we hid and started banging metal to lure the Iron Man into our trap. 


I wonder if it will work?