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Home Learning

Home learning during school closure (due to Corona virus):


Home learning tasks will be set daily for pupils who are unable to attend school.  Answers will also be posted towards the end of the school day, where applicable.  These tasks are to be completed to a high standard in the books that were sent home with pupils.  If you have any problems, please message me via Class Dojo.


The way that homework is set will be slightly different during this period.  Children are still expected to learn spellings each week (which will be posted below), read daily and play on TT Rockstars at least 3 times per week.  In addition to this, they can choose an activity linked to WW2 from the 'Home Learning Projects' grid below.  These are intended to be fun, creative activities.  Please take a photograph of the finished piece and send it to me using Dojo.



Project Home Learning Ideas

Home learning tasks are normally set on a weekly basis for all Year 6 pupils.  The homework will be set on Friday and is due to be handed in the following Friday. 


There will be a weekly 'menu' of homework shown below.  It is important that children complete the activities from the main course; these include learning weekly spellings, daily reading and practising times table facts with TT Rockstars. 


Starters on the menu will be a maths activity linked to learning in the classroom.  Desserts might be a reading or GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) task. 


Children are also encouraged to engage with termly topic homework, which includes a variety of creative activities, linked to our project in class.  There is no set deadline for handing in this extra work.  It is intended to be ongoing throughout the whole term, as some of these tasks may take a little longer to complete.  I hope that you and your child enjoy working together on some of these projects and look forward to seeing them!  Scroll down the page to find these activities.