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Home Learning 2021-2022



Here is the maths learning for today! Here is a video to help


We are continuing planning our missing chapter. I will send you your current planning on dojo. You will need to plan the next 3 points. 

Here is the reading:



Here is the maths for today!

A video to help too:


We are continuing writing today. We are writing from our plan. I will upload photos of my plan on dojo to help. Below you will find the modelled write to help It is page 25-27.


Today in DT we are looking at different types of hats. I would like you to look at a cap you have at home or an image of a cap online. Please try and create one similar using paper. Think about how you would make the band that goes round your head. Think about the peak of the cap. Think about the panels that make up a baseball cap. I can’t wait to see your creations! 


Here is your maths learning for today!


You may have to copy and paste the links into your browser for them to work! 

Here is some reading for you to have a go at!

In English, we are editing our writing. Use the editing stations below to help you! Think about using all the techniques Louis Sachar uses in his writing. 

  • powerful, descriptive verbs 
  • opening sentences with …ed or …ing verbs 
  • directly referring to the reader as you 
  • short, snappy sentences
  • expanded noun phrases 
  • referring back to other parts of the text 


We are starting the day with a maths paper!

We also have PE today. Here is the link to the next level YouTube channel. There are some online PE sessions that you can have a go at!

Music -

We are doing music today too with outside providers. I would like you to pick your favourite song. Use this melody but change the lyrics. Rewrite the song using the melody to make it all about food!