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School Closure Home Learning Folders 2019-2020

I have been looking at ways to help support learning at home through videos and IT.

I have decided to trial two different programs that I hope will help support learning at home.

The first is Oxford Owl. This program is really useful as it packed full of Reading, English and Maths Resources. To list a few here:

  • Videos/tutorials to help support spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • eBooks for all ages/abilities (which will come in really useful as the children cannot access the school library and will avoid any costs on new reading books)
  • Maths games/tutorials to support mathematical topics e.g. fractions or shape.

I have now created a class login for Oxford Owl which I hope will help support any work that I set. I will try and find as much supporting material that I can and point you in the right direction through the daily task list. To gain access you need to follow this link:

The Class Login is:

Username: y51920
Password: 0000


The second program is called ‘Maths with Parents’. This will be a really useful tool to share videos which give visual explanations for mathematical methods. My hope is that it will become really valuable to support understanding. However, there might not be a video to support every single method. Where there is, I will direct you to it on the daily task list.

To use Maths with Parents you need to register your child as a parent through the following link:

It will then ask you enter your child’s class code which is: 948529

This will then assign your child to my account.

It will then ask you for a series of details such as a name and email. This is so that it can notify you when I assign a video to work linked to maths.

As I said before, I am going to trial these programs to see if they are valuable in supporting learning at home.

As ever, if you have any questions, please do contact me.

Best Wishes,

Miss Cave.