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The most effective way for your child to progress in reading is to develop a love of reading and to READ as much as possible every day.


This could be...

  • Reading independently
  • Reading to an adult
  • Reading to a friend
  • Reading to a sibling


But also...

  • Being read to (a book that is more challenging than your child would read themselves) - we like this at any age including adults
  • Discussing books
  • Reading different forms of writing (poetry, magazines, newspapers, reports, non-fiction)
  • Using a dictionary/computer /kindle to find words they don't know
  • Asking inference questions related to pictures, drama or real life, for example, "You think Ken Barlow on Coronation Street is angry but he said he was fine, how do you know? What evidence can you find? Why is he angry?"

KS2 Reading Content Domains: