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We created fortune tellers to try and find out what peoples favourite fruits were in Spanish. We enjoyed talking to each other in Spanish and using our vocabulary to help us. 

Easter Service

Year 3 enjoyed celebrating and leading our whole school Easter Service. 

Preparing a meal for the children of Narnia. 


We thought about war time rationing and what that is. We understand why there was a need to ration and why people started to plant their own food. We followed a recipe and make Cheese and Potato Dumplings. Our school chef helped us to cook them and we all enjoyed tasting them and eating them. Some of us even decided to take the recipe home to try and cook them for more people!

Spanish- Animal Nouns

In Spanish, we have been learning about Animal names and names of some pets.


How would you say you have 2 cats?

How would you say you have 3 dogs?

How would you say you have 5 fish?


We have been using this video to help us too: 

Science- Living Things- Plants

In science, we have been thinking about what plants need to grow. 


We predicted that they would need light, water, air and soil to be able to grow. 


To planned our experiments and decided that we would give some plants water and sunlight, water and no light, no water and sunlight and no water and no light. We predicted that the ones with light and water will grow the best. 


We will be checking our plants ever week and observing the changes that happen!


Have you grown your own plants? What do you already know about growing plants?

Science- Rocks

Our science topic for Autumn 2 has been all about Rocks. 


In our last lesson, we created sedimentary rock bottles using dry beans, rice, flour and water. We worked in teams to create these, screwed on the lid tightly and shook the bottles.


When we left them alone for a week, we started to see layers forming. The dry beans and rice settled at the bottom to represent the bigger rocks and pebbles. The flour represented sand and fine sediment. The water represented the ocean. 

We know fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks due to the building up of pressure over millions of years!

Geography- A Local Walk

Year 3 went on a walk around our local area during Autumn 2. We walked to St Mary's Church and the Brierley Forest Park.


We made lots of notes on human and physical features which we spotted along the way. Can you remember any?


We were also very excited to see a fox in the distance whilst at Brierly Forest Park!



Children have been learning about the sculptor Giacometti this half term.


We began by finding out about him and his artistic techniques, before we looked at our sketching skills and proportion. We sketched people in proportion and used a Youtube tutorial to support us. 


Today, we created clay sculptures based on Giacometti's work. He usually creates sculptures based on people who he knows and who have inspired him, so we did the same! Enjoy looking through some snapshots of our work from this unit and our end outcome of our clay sculptures too!

Art/ DT

This week (03.11.21), Y3 went on a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to prepare for our next topic all about the sculptor Giacometti. 


Our day included looking at a variety of sculptures, sketching them, modelling them with clay before creating our own sculptures using lots of different types of materials. 

We had a fantastic day and are excited to start learning about Giacometti.


Make sure you have a look at our Autumn 2 Homework Menu for some inspiration for 'at home' activities based on our learning!



In DT, we have been creating our own versions of the Iron Man. We followed instructions to create a Tin Foil sculpture. 


Can you recreate one at home too?


This week we are focusing on Geography and we have been analysing the impact of pollution on the ocean, people and wildlife and determining if this can be maintained. 


We first watched some Blue Planet to see real life examples of pollution in our oceans. We made notes on what we saw happening, where it was happening and what impact it was having.


" It happens on the land and in the sea"


"What will happen if it carries on?"


In our second lesson, we worked in teams and explored pictures and we answered 4 questions for each photo:

1. What could have happened?

2. How could it have happened?

3. How does it make you feel?

4. How could it have been prevented?


" I feel angry because people don't care about our environment and animals are dying"

Geography W/C 06.09.21