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For Parents:


Year 4 is the year of times tables! The government has made it their target that all Year 4 pupils can answer any multiplication up to 12x12 in under 6 seconds. Year 4 children across the country will sit a National Multiplication Check in June to assess their speed and accuracy. This might sound like an impossible task, but I promise it is very manageable with practice! This is where TT-Rockstars comes in.


TT-Rockstars is an online program that combines games, challenges and incentives to make learning your times tables fun and competitive. As they improve their speed, children take more of a starring role in the band and can access all sorts of prizes. It is (in my experience!) the absolute best way to ensure your children meet that 6 second target. And the children love it too!


TT-Rockstars should be a regular part of your child's home learning. If they have any trouble logging on at home, please let me know.


For Children:



I'm practising a lot and getting better. Why is my speed not changing?

The only game that sets and changes your speed is Studio. You'll need to play Studio a few times before your speed is set, and you'll need to keep playing it as you get better to improve your speed. Your speed is actually an average, which means it's not your fastest ever time but the sort of speed you are usually getting. This means that if you want to be a Headliner, you'll need score under 4 seconds a few times before your speed will change.


Why does TT-Rockstars have division questions?

When playing TT-Rockstars you'll have to answer division questions as well as multiplications. This is because it's trying to test whether you know those calculations off by heart. If you do you will be able to work out the divisions quickly too (remember, it's the inverse of the multiplication). It is tricky! Keep trying and one day you'll discover that you just know that division you kept struggling with. Good News: In the National Multiplication Check there are only multiplication questions.


I want to practice for the National Multiplication Check. Which game is best?

The game that is most similar to the National Multiplication Check is Soundcheck, where you have a 6 second limit to answer each question. Remember to make sure your keypad is inverted as it will be for the check!