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W/C 10.01.22

Daily Tasks:




Maths- Read the powerpoint and answer questions at the end of powerpoint. Please choose which questions to answer (B, C or D) based on how confident you have been feeling. Don't forget to play on TTRS too!


English- Read the powerpoint. Based on the character description, draw an image of Mr Tumnus and label it with expanded noun phrases. Read the character description- what grammatical features can you find? Use the checklist to support you.


Reading- Watch the video 'Coin Operated' and answer the questions based on the video clip


Topic- Art- Look at the art lesson on the powerpoint. We are learning about colour wheels. Can you create your own colour wheel using black and white to create tones and shades?





English- Read the 3 character descriptions which have been uploaded and create your own checklist of features to include to help you to create your own character description soon. 


Maths- Follow the PowerPoint slides about counting in tenths. Pick Challenge B, C or D to complete. Remember to play on TTRS too!


Reading Comprehension- Read the extract from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Is there any new vocabulary in there which you do not know the meaning on? Use a thesaurus or Google to find out the definition of these new words. 


Topic- Follow the PowerPoint to recap learning about tone, tint and the colour wheel. Then, listen to the story 'The Dot'. Create your own two dots- one using warm colours and one using cool colours to represent you. 



English: Please complete the planning sheet for a character description on Mr Tumnus. 


Maths: Please answer questions on the powerpoint and then pick Challenge B, C or D to answer questions on. Don't forget to play TTRS at home too!


Reading Comprehension: Read through yesterdays text from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Make a note of any new vocabulary and find out what it means. Challenge: Can you find any synonyms for those words?


Topic: PE- Please follow the link which will take you to a video lesson about Dance created by Oak Academy. 


Don't forget to send your work to me via Class Dojo



English- Create a character description for Mr Tumnus. Watch the video and complete activities 1 and 2 of BBC Bitesize to support you-


Maths- Follow the video link to access the video lesson and complete the worksheets. 


Reading Comprehension- Answer questions (about vocabulary) based on our Charlie and the Chocolate factory text. 


Topic- Computing- Follow the link to access the game 'dance mat typing' and practise your typing skills.



Science- We are learning about how soil is formed in science today. Please read the powerpoint and watch the attached video on BBC Bitesize to support this. This week, the children are to write instructions on how to create a compost bin, using the powerpoint to support. They can draw images to represent items too.