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Governing Body Information

Governing Body Information

Chair of Governors – Andrew Robinson (contact via school office:

Vice Chair – Helen Halfpenny


Name Category  Term  Aut Spr Sum Business Interests Gov Roles
Andrew Robinson Foundation 17.2.2016-15.2.2020 Y     Photography business used by school  N
Helen Halfpenny Foundation  25.1.2016-23.1.2020 Y     None N
Brian Little Foundation 1.5.2016-15.06.2020 Y     None N
Louise Gardner Staff 6.10.2017-5.10.2021 Y     None N
Alison Jacobson Diocesan 27.10.2017-26.10.2021 Y     Employee of SNMAT/Diocese N
David Mills Diocesan 9.10.2017-8.10.2021 Y     None All Saints' COG
Emma Bartholomew Parent 12.12.2017-11.12.2021 Y     None N
Rachel Watson Associate 2017-21 Y     None N
Andy Nichols Foundation 27.2.2018-26.2.2022 N     None N
Sam Robinson Headteacher 3.9.2018-2.9.2022 Y     None N
Sarah Cain Parent 30.11.2018-29.11.2022 N     None N
Vacancy LA            
Vacancy Diocesan