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At St Mary's, our Keystage 2 children learn Spanish as their second language. Why? 

  • Spanish is the second most spoken language by native speakers in the world
  • Spanish has emerged as the most important language for the UK in an analysis made by the British Council.
  • It is considered one the easiest languages to learn.
  • Spanish can be used as a ‘gateway’ to learn other languages as it has many similarities to other European languages.
  • With an ever increasing presence in the global market, emerging economies in the Americas mean that the chance of work and business opportunities from Spanish knowledge is increasing.
  • The vast range of countries that speak Spanish makes an understanding of the language very useful for those who want to travel.
  • Plenty of aspects of culture in the Spanish-speaking world have become world-renowned and famous. Our children study artists such as Pablo Picasso, who has produced some of the most famous pieces of artwork in the modern era. 
  • Spanish and South American sport has consistently been among the best in the world in sports such as football