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We teach word reading through daily phonics sessions in both Reception and Year 1. By the end of Year 1, it is our expectation that all children will have been taught the skills needed to enable them to read widely and with fluency and that they will use their blending and segmenting skills to help them tackle unfamiliar words. These skills are assessed in June of Year 1 by the National Phonics Screening Check. You can see our results of this on our Performance Data Page.


Phonics sessions are informed by regular assessments and systematically taught following a DFE approved scheme: Rocket Phonics. Sessions follow a rigorous four part structure. Interventions are identified on a daily basis so that all children are able to 'keep up' with the phonics taught in their class.


Each week, in Reception and Year 1, children will take home a phonetically plausible book based on the sounds that have been taught. These are changed on a weekly basis by the teacher. 


By Year 2, it is expected that children will have completed the phonics scheme, and will therefore move onto 'Support for Spelling'. Children who do not pass the phonics screen in Year 1 will be offered additional support and phonics provision to enable them to pass the recheck in Year 2.