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School Improvement

At St Mary's, our culture is one of continual improvement - staff aim to provide the very best provision that we can. As part of this, all leaders carry out regular quality assurance and write action plans for improvement in their area. The Senior Leadership Team also write and monitor a whole school improvement plan. Our priorities for school improvement this year are:


  1. Address pupils’ gaps in learning resulting from COVID19 closure to maintain children’s academic flightpaths
  2. Ensure that the school curriculum impacts positively on all pupils’ quality of education, mental health and wellbeing
  3. Improve teaching and learning: secure an ambassadorial standard in all year groups
  4. Further develop leadership capacity at all levels to impact significantly on pupils’ quality of education


As part of our work with SNMAT, we are also visited three times per year for a 'Keeping in Touch (KIT)' Day by the Academy Improvement Team. This is a partnership day with senior leaders that aims to celebrate areas of development and identify points for improvement. Feedback from the day is then given directly to our governors through a 'Governor Keeping in Touch (GKIT) meeting. You can find out more about this process on the MAT website link below.