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School Improvement

At St Mary's, we aim to build a culture of courage; this means the courage to continually improve so that we can give the very best that we can to our children. As part of this, all leaders support others in their development and carry out regular quality assurance to both celebrate success, and to support improvement. The Senior Leadership Team also write and monitor a whole school improvement plan. Our priorities for development this year are:


  1. Promote a culture of success for all; ensure that the quality of education provided is exceptional for all learners
  2. Enrich the school’s Christian ethos; secure exceptional spiritual development opportunities for the whole school community
  3. Raise awareness of the experiences of individuals and communities affected by prejudice and abuse; empower them to recognise, value and to be proud of their personal identities
  4. Refine leadership and management practices at all levels; ensure that it is consistently exceptional



As part of our work with SNMAT, we are also visited twice per term by the Academy Improvement Director and/or the CEO. These are partnership days with governors and senior leaders that celebrate areas of success and identify next steps for development. Feedback from the day is then given directly to our governors through a 'Governor Keeping in Touch (GKIT) meeting. You can find out more about this process on the MAT website link below.