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Worship Leaders

Collective Worship is at the centre of our life, values and ethos at St Mary's. Our new worship leaders have now been elected and our 2021-22 representatives are: 

  • Y6 - Connor and Macy
  • Y5 - Casey and Amelia 
  • Y4 - Hollie and Riley 
  • Y3 - Spencer and Amelia 
  • Y2 - Indie-Rae and Ellie 

We meet regularly at lunchtime and are working together, planning some collective worship sessions and other activities. Already this year, we have created special candles for our whole school and class worship sessions.


One aspect of being worship leaders is growing in knowledge, understanding and confidence as we work together to lead parts of our worshipping life together. To this end, our worship leaders will each be working towards 'Worship Works' awards, and should by the end of the year have bronze (Yrs 2-6), silver (yrs 4-6) and gold (yrs 5 and 6). 


We wear yellow worship leader badges around school so look out for us!


Our Harvest Visit to the Food Bank

Prayer Fish - Each term the Worship group lead the Prayer Fish Collective Worship.

Christian Value displays produced by the Worship Group each half term.

Our visit to the St Mary's cemetery

The Remembrance Service led by the Worship Group to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War