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COVID Catch-Up Premium

Our vision statement demonstrates our commitment to educating for wisdom and aspiration with the help of the church and the community through a culture of dignity and respect. We aim to cultivate the gifts and talents of every child and equip them with the wisdom, knowledge and skills to live life in all its fullness: joys, celebrations, sorrows and struggles.


The Catch Up Premium represents a proportion of our budget for 2020-21 and we are committed to ensuring it is spent to maximum effect by utilising it to enable pupils who are either falling behind, or at risk of falling behand, as a result of the COVID19 closures. Overcoming barriers to learning is at the heart of our use of the Catch Up Premium. We understand that needs and costs will differ depending on the barriers to learning being addressed. As such, we do not automatically allocate personal budgets per pupil. Instead, we identify the barrier to be addressed and the interventions required (whether that be 1:1, small groups or larger groups such as specific classes or year groups) and allocate a support accordingly.