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Year 2 Film afternoon

Dear Parents


Over the past two weeks the children in Year 2 have taken their maths and reading SATs. All of the children have worked really hard and I am really proud of their attitude towards this.


As a treat we will have a film (Despicable Me 2 – U rating), voted for by the children, on Friday 16th May 2014.


The children may bring a small bag of sweets (this can be a mixture of sweets in a food bag and does not have to just be a little bag like the ‘Haribo’ treats).


I will be providing some crisps, cakes and drinks for the children as my treat to them.


Thank you all for your continued support and well done kids, I’m proud of you!


Mrs Sarah Annable J


P.S. lessons will resume as normal next week including individual and guided reading.