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Autumn 1 Weekly Updates


This week, Year 6 have been super busy! The class have completed their learning on addition and subtraction and have completed their pre-assessment for multiplication and division, which we will begin next half term. The class have also completed their second independent write- persuasion- and have started independently accessing the English Help-Desk to support their own writing. In RE, the class have been exploring confessions and how God being both loving and holy can help in real-world problems, like the bombing of Canterbury Cathedral in WW2. Y6 have also thoroughly enjoyed their football training with Mansfield Town this week and loved taking their penalties. I hope all of Y6 have a restful half term and I look forward welcoming them back in Autumn 2! 



This week, Year 6 have completed their first assessment week! They have showed courage and perseverance throughout this and should be really proud of themselves! In RE, the class explored beliefs around what God hates and why forgiveness is good, but why it may also be a challenge. The class were very engaged in this and made some thought-provoking conclusions. In computing, the class began their coding sessions with Miss Smith and they have played Handball games during PE with Mr Webster. They have showed progression of skills throughout their PE block and can play competitively well. Next week, the class will continue with their coding journey in computing and will be beginning to look at developing menus in DT too. 



Year 6 have been writing some fantastic persuasive writing this week! They have used all of their knowledge on the Dig for Victory campaign to encourage people to tear up green spaces and get planting! They linked this to hard times during Covid 19 when things were rationed in shops like toilet paper which helped with their understanding too. In Maths, Y6 have made excellent progress on adding and subtracting numbers to ten million. At first, this was tricky, but they showed real perseverance and never gave up. In RE, the class have thought further about their unit about God and have considered Christian's perspectives of God and how they believe God should be Holy as well as Loving. Next week, Y6 will be beginning their assessment week. Although a few are nervous about them, I have reassured them that this is a great chance for them to show off their knowledge so far and to assist me in knowing what we need to work on as a class! 



Year 6 have been busy again this week. They have been learning about persuasive writing in English and will begin persuading people to ‘Dig for Victory’ next week. In Maths, they have been practising addition and subtraction and being able to use the inverse operation to check their calculations. In music, the class have explored notation and adding notes to a musical staff. They have also practised keeping to a beat and reading musical notations too. Next week, Y6 will continue with their four operations learning in Maths. In science, they will learn more about the work of Karl Linnaeus. 



Year 6 completed their first independent write this week. They have used a wide variety of different grammatical features to support their writing and make it more interesting. They have used fronted adverbials, commas in a list and apostrophes too. In Maths, the class have completed their block of Place Value. They should be very proud of all of their hard work from this and proud of their improvements in their pre and post assessment scores too. In Spanish, the class have continued to learn about the  weather and have learnt new words to describe the weather. We know 'hace' means 'it is' in Spanish. Next week, we will continue our science learning about evolution and in music, we will begin to learn some more of our new terminology too. 


This week, Year 6 have been busy beginning their first independent write of the year. They have been learning all about the air raids of WW2 and how/where people would shelter. They have put themselves into the role of a child during an air raid whilst writing a diary entry. Although we have only written our introduction so far, they have shared some fantastic ideas for writing and are looking forward to writing more. In Maths, Year 6 have been focussing on Place Value up to 10 million and have worked really well at this. Next week, we will continue this learning further and deepen our understanding. In Science, the class have started to learn about Animals Including Humans and classification. In Music, Year 6 have been exploring the war time music of Vera Lynn's We'll Meet Again. They discussed the impact that music has on our emotions and how this could be used to raise morale.