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Weekly Update

WC 04/03/24


In English this week, we created a new good and bad character for our adapted story. Our good characters are the ’Three Fluffy Pandas’. Our new bad character is the Tall Greedy Dragon. We then adapted our story map to create a new story. The children then wrote character descriptions. They enjoyed thinking of different adjectives to describe the characters. The children are very excited to start writing our new story next week! In maths, we compare numbers within ten by counting sets and directly comparing them against other amounts. We have also been following on from last week and consolidating number bonds to ten. It is great to see the children becoming more confident now, especially when explaining and reasoning. In topic, we have started to explore and describe a range of common materials. We looked at the properties of the materials. The children then collected materials within the classroom and outdoor area to create their own strong houses for ‘The Three Fluffy Pandas’. We hope the Tall Greedy Dragon doesn’t try to blow them down!

WC 26/02/24

This week in English, we continued to map out the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. We looked at the meaning of personality and appearance and then created a role on the wall for one of the story's good and bad characters. In maths, we've been exploring numbers nine and ten. They’ve been looking at the composition of numbers exploring the various ways they can be made. They've particularly enjoyed the challenge of making nine and ten independently this week. During topic, we've been continuing to learn healthy eating. The children were excited to create their food plate and sort the foods into the correct sections. They then eagerly planned a meal, ensuring it had all the elements of the food plate. They're already looking forward to next week when we'll be making and trying our meal! During outdoor learning, we went on a spring walk, looking for the signs of spring. The children enjoyed exploring our outdoor space and spotting the different signs.


WC 19/02/24


In English this week, we have read and mapped out the story of the 'The Three Little Pigs' The children have enjoyed creating actions and retelling the story. It has been lovely to see children independently using the story map to practice the story during their independent learning time. We have also been using what we have learnt about key features such as story language to write our own stories. Next week, we will be adapting the story map to create a new version. 

We have been thinking about caring for our bodies and the importance of tooth brushing, exercise and healthy eating. We looked at instructions on brushing our teeth and found out how long we should brush our teeth every morning and evening.

In maths, we have been exploring comparing height and length; we then use non-standard measurements to help us measure different objects. 

We finished our maths lessons by planting cress seeds. We are very excited to watch the plants grow and use what we have learnt to help us measure how tall the plants grow. 

WC 05/02/24

This week in foundation, we have been exploring the celebration of Lunar New Year. We researched, What is Lunar New year? & How do people celebrate Lunar New Year? The children enjoyed making connections to Christian celebrations and sharing their memories of spending time with their families. During topic this week, we continued to look at light and dark tones, and then experimented with different colours and materials. We started to make our collages inspired by Petr Horáček. The children enjoyed putting all their new knowledge into practice. In RE, we have been learning about the significance of Lent to our Christian faith. We discovered why we traditionally have pancakes the day before Lent begins. The children are very excited to enjoy their on Shrove Tuesday!

WC 29/01/24






This week in reception, we have been very busy! We finished the story of Blue Penguin and then received a very special letter from Blue Penguin saying thank you for all our help. The letter also asked us to create a fact file all about emperor penguins. We are very excited to find out lots of interesting facts! 

In maths, we have been exploring 6,7 &8 and using different representations to explore the composition of 6,7 and 8. 

During topic this week we moved on to tone in art and explored creating dark and light tones. The children enjoyed practising independently during the independent learning time. 


WC 22/01/24


In reception class this week, we have explored our story further in English and used what we found to write about how blue penguin might feel. We worked together to write a letter to Blue Penguin to give him advice and help him feel better. We are very excited to read the next part of our story next week! In maths, we have been exploring measuring capacity using language such as empty, full, nearly full, half, most and least. Next week, we will look at numbers 6, 7 and 8.  

During outdoor learning this week, we focused on water displacement; we read the story of the crow and pitcher and then went outside. The children used stones and a jug of water and watched what happens when the stones are submerged in the water. 


WC 18/01/24





This week in English, we have used freeze frames and music to explore Blue Penguin's emotions when he was left alone in the story. The children enjoyed taking on the different roles and flying to acting land. We are very excited to find out what happens next! We also had our first forest school session this week! We used rope, tarpaulin, sticks and logs to create a den. The children were very excited to share their experiences of camping and going to nature walks with their families. In maths, we have learned about combining three groups; the children have been independently practising using different items during their independent learning time.

WC 8/01/24








This week, the children have enjoyed exploring and learning within the provision. The children stretch and challenge themselves, exploring new activities and expanding their learning. During outdoor learning this week, we went on a winter hunt. We were looking for different signs of winter. The children enjoyed using their senses to experience nature and collecting natural materials. In English, we started to explore the setting of our new book. Concept cat helped us understand our keywords of cold, icy and empty. The children loved using their senses to explore ice and use a range of adjectives to describe it with the help of concept cat.  



What an exciting week we have had! We were all superstars in our Nativity play. We had a very special party for baby Jesus, we enjoyed signing happy birthday

 to Jesus and joining in with lots of party games. To finish out birthday party for Jesus we all enjoyed a cupcake! To help us with understanding the world, we have been looking at simple maps and identifying some features we could see in an aerial picture of our school. We began to develop our map reading skills by exploring the orientation of a simple map.

WC 11/12/23









What an exciting week we have had! We had the school Christmas dinner and practicing our nativity play. We are very excited to show everyone next week! Next week we are having an early birthday party for baby Jesus and sharing everything we have learnt about the Christmas story. In maths, we have been using the correct mathematical language to describe an increasing range of 2D shapes. We are gaining confidence in using the language of corners/vertices, sides, straight and curved to describe the shapes. 








WC 27/11/23

In English, we started reading the story Peace at Last. Exploring the different characters feeling and thinking about what they might say in that moment. The children enjoyed taking on the role of the bears and exploring what they might be saying. In groups the children then independently wrote their own speech bubbles for daddy bear and baby bear. In art, we have been learning about the artistic element of line and have explored drawing straight lines in a range of media including shaving foam, flour and coloured sand. In maths, we have been looking at the composition of four and five. We used tens frames and counters to explore all the different number bonds within five. Next week, we will be exploring more, less, fewer and addition within five. 

WC 6/11/23


In English this week, we began exploring different facts and information about Owls. We started by making a poster of what we already know about Owl. We then discussed what we wanted to discover over the next couple of weeks to create a fact file. In maths, we have been learning the concept of one and finding objects to represent one. We continued to explore numbers two and three. We looked at the difference between the numbers and explored how to represent objects by showing one, two or three. During outdoor learning this week, we have enjoyed making bird feeders. The children have shown great curiosity around, helping and exploring nature.

WC 02/10/23

This week in Reception, we have been learning to use the correct vocabulary to compare height and length. We have challenged ourselves during continuous provision to make things that are tall, short and long. 

In English, we have been creating wanted posters to try and find mummy owl. We have also written a letter to Mummy owl, we are so excited to see what happens next! 

We have been looking at the features of a good sentence and using our developing phonic knowledge to sound out the words.

As part of our topic, we have looked at the story of Marvellous Me and thought about how we are all unique and special. We then used natural materials outside to create representations of faces. In P.E ,we have continued to develop our skills in throwing and catching.

WC 25/09/23


In Reception, we have been sorting and matching a range of objects in our maths learning. In English, we have used drama to explore the baby owls feelings when they woke up and found out their mummy had gone! We were thinking of more exciting words to use instead of just saying sad. We thought of miserable and upset. 

Next week, we will be writing letters to mummy owl to ask her to come home as her children are missing her. In maths, we will be exploring length, height and capacity. In our outdoor learning we will be thinking about how we are all unique and will be using natural resources to make faces. 

WC 18/09/23

In Reception this week,  we have started to look at the front cover of our new text, "Owl Babies", and have been exploring the concepts of dark and night. Next week, we will be reading the beginning of the story and exploring the characters feelings and emotions.

In Maths, we have been using our subitising skills to recognise amounts to five without counting. We had to help the wizard with his magical disappearing spots!

In art, we have been learning our painting sequence and started to explore primary colours. Next week, we will be exploring colour mixing to see what secondary colours we can make.

WC 11/09/23

We have had a lovely first week in Reception, making new friends and exploring our new classroom. 

In English, we have been exploring the Colour Monster story and linking it to how we feel. We have made some colour jars to help us express our emotions. In maths, we have been singing number songs and rhymes. We have also thought about staying safe. We discussed the adults who can help us in school, at home and in the wider community if we feel upset. 

Next week in our English, we will be starting to explore the book "Owl Babies." In maths, we will be exploring counting and matching activities. We will also begin our outdoor learning next Friday, so please ensure your child has some wellies or other footwear to change into.