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Spring 1

WC 05.02.24


What a great final week to the half term! In English we've completed our non-chronological reports on Buzz. We included: headings, title, photos, a range of sentence types, paragraphs, and fun facts. We tried hard with our presentation and our teachers are really proud of us! We used the knowledge of what we've learnt about reports to complete an independent write on polar bears. We've learnt lots about them in science such as how they have black skin and translucent fur and how their body adapts to the cold Arctic conditions. We are so knowledgeable! In Maths we've been learning to divide by sharing. This can be tricky, and we need to remember that each of our groups needs to have the same amount in it. We're carrying on with this after half term. In DT we've worked hard and finished our drawstring pouches, we're going to be evaluating our sewing thinking about what went well and how we could improve our product if we made it again. In PE we've been using benches and apparatus to complete different ways of travelling and shaped dismounts, after half term we're looking forward to our new topic of basketball.

WC 29.01.24


We've had another great week in Y2. In Maths we've been learning about multiplication. We have started using arrays to help us and looked at the columns and the rows to write the related multiplication facts, counting the array to get the final answer. Next week we will look at multiplication problems and start looking at division calculations. 

In English we've started our next unit linked to our science learning. We are writing a non-chronological report on our school dog, Buzz so visitors to the school can find out about him. We've looked at examples of reports and know that we need to include a title, introduction, subheadings, photos, captions and facts when we write our report next week. In science we've been looking at different animals and how they are adapted to their habitats. We've matched animals to their habitats and then thought about how they adapt to their surroundings such as thick fur, camouflage, and long necks to reach leaves. In guided groups we've continued to make our bags for the Tear Thief and next week we will evaluate them, checking if we've used an evenly sized running stitch and that the bag opens and closes using a drawstring. 

WC 22.01.24


In Y2 this week we've completed our stories based on the Tear Thief. We've tried really hard with our writing to ensure we include an opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending, a range of sentence openers and different sentence types. We then moved on to complete an independent write, we thought of our own character and came up with ideas such as: the Nightmare Thief, the Tooth Thief, the Cake Thief as well as lots of other great ideas. In Maths we've started our new unit on multiplication, we've looked at what equal and unequal groups look like and used pictures to write related addition and multiplication facts. In geography we went on a local walk to complete a traffic survey, we found that there was a lot of traffic pollution due to there being a lot of cars, we saw a few vans and buses and very little walkers or cyclists. We then looked at pictures and maps and used these to create our own maps using OS symbols. Within the provision areas we've continued to create our own drawstring pouches using a running stitch and a lot more of us are now independently sewing within the workshop area. 

WC 15.01.24

What a busy week we've had a in Y2! 

In English we've started writing our own stories based on the Tear Thief. So far, we've written the opening, build up and problem, next week we will write the resolution and change the ending of the story. We've been trying to use a range of sentence openers to interest the reader and different types of sentences including statements, exclamations, commands, and questions. In Maths we've been looking at money and how finding the change from amounts. Next week we are moving on to look at multiplication. In PE we've been creating shapes and different jumps, thinking about our landing positions. We've started out new geography unit on pollution, we've looked the different types of pollution, OS symbols and maps. Next week we will use maps and compass skills to go on a short walk and complete a traffic survey.