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Summer 1

WC 13.05.24

Y2 have had another great week! In Maths we’ve been learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour, some of us have moved on to the nearest 5 minutes! It’s been tricky but we’ve had lots of perseverance, and we can almost all now tell the time! In English we’ve completed leaflets linking our history and geography learning about where Egypt is and the Ancient Egyptian period and we’ve started to publish our writing, we'll finish these next week! In art we’ve started our new unit where we’ve had a go at creating our own patterns and learnt about our focus artist. Within the provision areas we've had lots creating fact files, a throne in workshop, new teachers listening to readers and teaching children to tell the time and lots of construction! 

WC 06.05.24


Y2 have had another great week! We’ve completed our geography unit linked to Egypt. We all know the continents and oceans and enjoy singing songs to help us remember. We’re able to name and label a world map and say if it’s a hot or cold country due to our knowledge of the equator! In English we’ve started planning our leaflets all about Egypt. Next week we’ll start writing them. In maths we’ve started learning to tell the time, we’ve recapped o’clock and half past from Y1 and started learning quarter to and quarter past, some us of will move on to 5 minute intervals next week if we’re ready! 

In RE we held our own Jewish Shabbat. We had candles, juice and food whilst singing songs. In science we’ve looked at our experiment we set up where we’ve planted beans in bags and in soil to see which ones grew best! In provision areas lots of us have been gardening, we enjoy looking at all the minibeasts using magnifying glasses. We’ve enjoyed playing with the magnetics this week, creating tombs in small world and a throne in workshop! 

WC 29.04.24


In English in Y2 we've completed an independent write. We based this on our class novel and completed a diary entry based on Julius' next day being made a pharaoh! For our next unit we're going to combine our history and geography units and complete a leaflet all about Egypt!

In maths we've completed our unit on fractions! We are able to find half, quarters, three quarters and thirds of amounts! Next week we are going to start learning to tell the time! In geography we've been looking at hot and cold climates around the world. We located the equator and found that the countries closer to the equator were warmer. In science we've been identifying evergreen and deciduous trees and looking at the plant lift cycle. Next week we're going to look at the experiment that we set up last week and see what changes there have been.  


WC 22.04.24



In Y2 this week we’ve completed our first unit of writing where we have written a diary entry in role as Julius from our novel for this half term. We’ve used exclamation sentences and had sequenced it in chronological order using some great vocabulary! 

In Maths we’ve continued our topic of fractions where we’ve been finding a half, quarter and third of numbers by sharing. Some of us found this tricky to begin with but we persevered. In history we’ve worked collaboratively to research and present information about the Ancient Egyptians, lots of us have continued this learning within the provision areas too. We started our new geography topics looking at hot and cold places in the world. We enjoyed singing songs to help us remember the names of the oceans and continents! In science we’ve been planting seeds, we’re looking forward to seeing them grow! In computing we’ve started our new unit on coding!


WC 15.04.24


Y2 have had a great start to the new term! On Monday we arrived to find sand, pyramids, hieroglyphics and African animals in the classroom. We had to work in teams to decide then hieroglyphics to give us clues about our new topic. We figured out that it was Ancient Egypt. We've started reading our new novel in English. In History we've looked at where the ancient Egyptian period is placed on a timeline and compared this to the Stone Age. We had a go at sorting events during the period and were really good at ordering using the dates to help us. In Maths we've started our new topic of fractions, we've begun by looking at wholes and parts and equal and unequal groupings before moving on to find 1/2. We'll continue to work on this next week! 

In RE Kitty came to lead a Godly Play session on the creation story, we really enjoyed it! In PE we've started our new tennis unit with Mr G. We're looking forward to the weather warming up and being able to play some matches! In provision we've enjoyed gardening and planting some seeds, we're going to look aft carefully and watch them grow.