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Summer 2

WC 03.06.24


Y2 have had a great first week back! We started our week with a Greek day where we came to school dressed as Greeks. We had a great time trying Greek food, looking at timelines and taking part in a mini-Olympic session. In English we’ve read and acted out the myth Theseus and the Minotaur and we’ve created our own mythical creatures that we are going to describe next week. We'll use these to write our own myths in a few weeks. In maths we’ve moved on to look at statistics. This week we’ve created tally charts and practised counting using tally charts and we’ve started to look at reading data from a block graph. In science we’ve started a new unit on forces where we practised changing the shapes of objects by using a force as well as pushes and pulls. We’ve also started our SATS assessments this week. We will be completing them over the next 3 weeks. This week some of us have competed the reading papers and we’ve done a great job!